I recently saw some pictures of the new Windows Phone 7 series interface on Engadget. Now, I'm not a big fan of Microsoft (in fact I hate them), but I have to say that the new interface is really nice. It's simple and clean and uses nice, flat colored blocks with square corners.

It seems like rounded corners are everywhere these days; they're quickly becoming one of the main ingredients of a lot of sites. I suspect that CSS3's new border-radius property has something to do with it, but whatever the cause, I think we're starting to go a little overboard. It's starting to feel like a fad on the same level as overdone gradients and drop shadows.

Square can be sexy too. In fact, I think that a site with all square corners and a nice color scheme can often be a lot better looking than a site that has rounded corners. And I think that a design with square corners always looks better than a design where every single element has round corners thrown on it.

Get Square, Get Sexy

I think as an industry, we really need to stop following fads. The whole Web 2.0 craze finally seems like it's starting to die down, but there are new trends that are beginning to pop up. Just because it's easier than ever to create rounded corners doesn't mean that we need to put them on everything we design.

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