I am starting a list of common and ridiculous bugs that I’ve found in different browsers along with quick fixes if I know of them. It will most likely grow over time as I find and remember more idiotic bugs.

IE 8

  • console.log() causes JS errors

IE 10 & 11 (and maybe 9)

  • I think CSS calc() works, but it doesn't seem to work if you do something like transform: translateY(calc(100% - 50px)); which works in other browsers

Android 2 Stock Browser

(2.3.4 anyway, but really who even uses Android 2 anymore?)

  • Can’t use CSS transforms on pseudo elements (::before and ::after)
  • Fixed positioning works like crap
  • overflow: scroll doesn’t work

Mobile Safari

  • Don’t even think about transitioning visibility on something that you're hiding and showing with opacity: 0; visibility: hidden; because if you do, it will always remain hidden…

Desktop Safari

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like Safari 8 is just a huge pile of junk. Seriously, like 50 times a day it refuses to load a page and says the server cannot be found only to load it correctly if I refresh.


  • Tables apparently ignore max-width. I’m not sure if this is actually a bug, though, because it sounds like maybe Chrome does what the CSS spec says it should. Either way, it’s annoying and dumb.
  • I’ve also noticed a lot of jankiness if you try to use fixed backgrounds in Chrome, especially if you’re on a retina Mac.
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