Last week I had the opportunity to attend An Event Apart Seattle. The conference itself was two days long, followed by a one day workshop on HTML5 and CSS3. I got to hear from experts like Jeffrey Zeldman, Dan Cederholm, Jeremy Keith, Andy Clarke and a lot more.

This was only my second web conference (the first one being SXSW 2010) and it was an awesome learning experience. While SXSW seemed like a social gathering first and a place to learn second, AEA was all about inspirational talks packed with information. I took a huge amount of notes that I'm sure I'll come back to from time to time. I also got a chance to eat lunch and chat with Andy Clarke on the first day, which was really cool.

On the first day of the conference, I decided I'd take my notes in HTML (HTML5 no less) format. I figured it would be easier for me to understand them if I marked them up since I tend to dislike using Pages or Word. Not only did this decision make my note taking process a lot easier for me, it also gave me a chance to style my notes and use some of the CSS3 techniques that I've been experimenting with for a while and that people like Dan Cederholm were talking about at the conference. You can find my notes from the conference here.

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